My mission in life is to inspire others to fully engage with life. To create a DEEP CONNECTION to heart and purpose, to LISTEN with CURIOSITY, and to LIVE LIFE as one GRAND EXPERIMENT.

Life for me began with the expansive freedom of the outdoors.  I was raised in the country with the nearest neighbor at least 2 miles away.  My brother and I were free to discover to roam not only the wonders of nature but to internally inform our own experience without a lot of input from others.   We had endless excitement and intoxication with the wildness outside the wondrous magic that could inform a children’s book. We had lots of animals. I witnessed death at an early age.  One day this playground, this ground for self discovery, that I knew so intimately came to a screeching reconfiguration when my father took his own life. Although it may sound strange, I never remember feeling sad.  I am sure it was there but I have no memory of it. My sadness came later when I had a better understanding of what he left behind. Something that was left behind, for me, was this mysterious inkling that lived inside. And even though the outside world usually responded in the way of concern and sadness, I knew there was more.  More of what? Maybe I wasn't sure, more of me? A bigger and greater reason, a bigger and greater life purpose for me to live into?

What has always been imprinted on my view on life is the responsibility to recognize impermanence, fragility, and the desire to move with a steady vigor.  Never compromising heart in any aspect of my life and living from a place of non-judgement and deep compassion.

With all of this informing my being, I have roamed the earth.  I have been on a long journey from the expansive freedom of my early years to a wondrous whimsy teaching abroad and traveling from here to there.

Always a seeker of external beauty expressed as a leader of active travel trips around the world then to a seeker of the internal landscape.  Into that which lies beneath the surface and deep in my heart.

This inward view whispered mysteries undiscovered and unknown until I was willing to allow all the noise to fade.  There, in the stillness, I discovered what was most essential, most profound, most authentic. A deep expansive relationship with myself that is perfect and at the same time always evolving into more.

Today this deep listening and sense of being grounded has transformed me into what I am most proud of: A wife, a mother of two beautiful wildly curious and energetic boys and a woman, an ever present seeker of beauty and expansion of self.  



"Once the realization is accepted that, even between the closest human beings, infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole and against a wide sky!”  -Rainer Maria Rilke






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