"Finding one’s true self takes a lot of courage. It often means coming face to face with the ‘known’ truths that we are uncomfortable accepting, sharing or admitting.

Erin’s talents lie within her natural ability to listen, reflect and inspire you to explore your happiness. She connects with you on a ‘human’ level and allows you to define your own journey in a ‘safe’ environment, where you are encouraged to think out loud, and come to terms with self love in the most gracious way!”


— SG (Middlebury, VT)


"Erin is a powerful coach, since our sessions I have created more mental space for myself to just exist in each moment, and because of that space, I've been able to lean into new opportunities that will help me gain forward momentum in meeting my future goals.  Amazing work!!"

-KM (Lenox, MA)


"Erin Benjamin is an AMAZING life coach. I have worked with her for a year-- it has transformed my life and how I see myself in it. Right away, she helped me identify an important goal I could and should accomplish and has given me tremendous support along the way. Since then, my life has opened up in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. Working with Erin, I feel more confident, more connected, and more inspired. She is a wonderful guide—honest, wise, grounded, and supportive—and gives you the tools to create the life you want. Thank you, Erin. I am so grateful!"   

— ST (Middlebury, VT)


"My coaching sessions with Erin were total momentum changers."

-EB (Middlebury, VT)

“Partnering with Erin was truly been a life opening experience for me. She embodied full presence of mind and spirit - meeting me each session right where I was and holding space for whatever emerged. Her ability to merge deep listening, skilled coaching questions, and reflections with intuition allowed me to tap into my own wisdom. I was able to shift from thinking to knowing; from doing to being. I will forever be grateful to Erin and continue to integrate the learning I started with her into my life.”  ---Laura Wilkinson, Vermont


“I found my sessions extremely helpful. They really helped me pinpoint what I was really upset with in my current job. Once I understood that it seemed my path became clear(er!) and I could start changing my approach.” -Rebecca, Vermont


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